Boats craned out


Boats craned out

crane boats october

End of season

It’s always a bit sad to watch the boats being craned out, as it marks the ending of the season. The River Rother is locked at Iden, which means that the level of the water is very much dependent on rainfall. It is hard to imagine, but the water level actually rises several meters over the winter months and can even cover our jetty and it is not unusual for it to creep the whole way up the bank to the base of the brick wall, which is our river defence.

So, every October, all of our rowing boats, the Dannie Lee and all other motor boats moored in Newenden are lifted like a bath toy with a huge crane. It’s incredible to watch.

During the months October to March water activity is naturally much quieter, but we do still rent out kayaks and SUPs and my kayak club continues throughout these months; when the jetty is accessible. Actually some of my winter paddles are my favourite.

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