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Enjoy a paddle in a rowing boat, kayak, canoe, or SUP board



You can launch from our jetty for £5 per vessel + £2.50 buoyancy aid hire if you don't have your own. NO LIFE VEST = NO RIVER ACCESS

However, increased popularity of self launchers leaving cars in our small carpark for long hours, has led to customers with cafe/boat bookings having difficulty parking. Also, with over 40 boats of our own, generally going out every hour, we have safety concerns with so many additional people using the same space.

Therefore, unless you are camping with us, the jetty is now closed to self launching at weekends & during school holidays May-Aug, even if you are with others who are hiring equipment.
We’re sorry as we’d love to be able to give everyone access to the river & we really value your custom, but we’ve literally run out of space!

Thank you for your understanding

Additional Services

Ladies Kayaking Club guided by Vanessa at 10-11am every Friday morning in term-time.
Please note that whilst Vanessa has picked up lots of tips from our instructor, she is not one herself; this is more about enjoying a paddle whether you want to get fit or chill at the back of the pack!
Term time only £10 per session
Max 10 people. to book.


The river is locked at Scott's Sluice in Iden (just outside Rye) and therefore has no current as such. However, windy conditions can make rowing tough. Depending on the weather and your ability, it will take 1h 30 mins - 2h 30mins to row to the castle & about half an hour less in a kayak. You will need to rent the boats for at least 4 hours plus any time you intend to spend at the castle. We request that you keep your paddles with you if visiting the castle & remember that once you leave the jetty you are responsible for our equipment.


BODIAM CASTLE: Upstream 3.61m
HALF WAY TREE: Upstream 1.75m
IRON BRIDGE: Downstream 1.03m (1st bridge)
WITTERSHAM BRIDGE: Downstream 6.1m ((2nd bridge)
MILITARY ROAD: Downstream 7.7m (4th bridge & furthest point for kayaks)

Important Information

* Please note that the maximum number of people stated is irrelevant of weight.
* Do not underestimate the danger of water. If you are unfit, unused to physical activity or are unwell, do not go out on the river.
* Buoyancy aids are available FOC & are compulsory for EVERYONE.
* Children <18yrs can paddle their own vessel ONLY IF there is an adult paddling alongside them. We do not allow under 18s to go out alone, even if an adult is walking along the river bank. Please respect this rule; we are simply looking out for the safety of your children.
* Please arrive 15 mins prior to your booking & make sure you return your boat(s) at the agreed time to avoid charges & delaying others.
* Please be respectful of fisherman on the banks & pass on the opposite side of the river as quickly & quietly as possible.
* You won't need specialist clothing, but these tips might help: Gym clothes & layers; cycling or neoprene gloves; non-slip shoes. Most boats have space for extra clothing/food.
* We recommend putting valuables in a waterproof case – sold in our shop


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